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Reggie Walker
Director of Education
Co-Founder of The Game Within The Game

Reggie Walker grew up a military brat, and because of this, he had the blessing of gaining different perspectives. Living on a military base Reggie experienced many different situations including being a minority, and part of the majority population at different times. He explains that there were times when he had money, and times when his family was so poor they had to get food from the church. All of these different circumstances and experiences aided in creating a very unique perspective in taking on the world.

From the ages of 4 to 12 Reggie was molested by a family friend. Growing up,  he also to this, experienced trauma in the realm of sports, facing physical, mental, and emotional abuse that had a profound effect on his mental well-being. To combat the effects of his trauma Reggie began to funnel all his feelings and emotions into sports. Sports became a saving grace in dealing with a mind filled with toxicity from the trauma he experienced. Sports became an environment in which Reggie excelled, leading him to be a top high school football player, a college football starter, and eventual NFL athlete and team captain of 7 years.

In retirement, Reggie’s journey of healing has led him to two stays at a treatment facility which led him to create The Game Within The Game.  The Game Within The Game is a college-accredited course built to help athletes find the answers on how to find themselves, their purpose, and a plan during and after their careers. Using all the knowledge from his experiences, strategies that have helped him, as well as others, succeed in high-stress, high-stakes environments, as well as knowledge from therapy,
Reggie and David Carter put The Game Within The Game together as an answer to questions he discovered that all athletes have in dealing with life and leading a good, successful, productive life during and after their athletic careers.

Reggie has also partnered with David Carte to create Top Athlete Life, a course designed to help anyone become the top athlete in their own life. A course built with the skills to build the understanding of the mental strength and dexterity needed to be successful and whatever avenue you choose for yourself.

Reggie has also become a mental, physical, and sexual abuse survivor advocate, TEDx speaker, public speaker, consultant, connector, and problem solver for individuals and businesses. With his unique perspective from my varied experiences, he has found that he can be of value in many different environments as a problem solver and leader.

Reggie’s goal is to help those who don’t have guidance learn the essentials needed to guide themselves toward their dreams and goals, find peace and confidence within themselves, and learn the techniques to be master strategists in their own lives in dealing with issues or problems, have the knowledge and system of effectively solving problems in their own lives, and be equipped with the ability to plan with an emphasis on fluidity. He wants others to learn all these skills more so they can win the game against themselves. 


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