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Victoria Lee, creator and founder of Uniquely Victoria

Victoria Lee is the creator and founder of her fashion brand Uniquely Victoria. She created this brand to celebrate women who are versatile and not afraid to own who they are in today’s society. Originally, Victoria did not want to start a business and she actually ran away from the idea for years. She wanted a stable life, working her way up in the corporate world, and to have a steady paycheck. Over time while working in corporate, Victoria realized what she was truly meant to do. “I am that person whose eye always goes to a banging dress or a dope pair of shoes, and I love recognizing women that put in that effort.” Victoria mentions. Because of this, she loved seeing well-dressed women in the corporate environment, it was something about the way they moved and the confidence that they had.

When asked about what she was most proud of Uniquely Victoria so far, Victoria mentioned that there was much to be proud about. She is proud of herself for putting herself out there and being fearless all while navigating the world of being an entrepreneur. She has had one of her clothing pieces be included in a runway show and then be accepted into a custom boutique. Recently, some of the images from a recent photo shoot were included in fashion magazines. “Fashion as most know is a tough industry and being able to do both in a year; is a blessing.” Victoria says. As her business continues to grow, Victoria is looking forward to getting to know all of her customers and their stories along with hoping to inspire and encourage people to pursue what they are meant to do rather than just going after trends or money.

Along with creating her fashion brand, Victoria also has several different YouTube series that are in the works that she is very passionate about. The first series, about Unstoppable Women, started back in March of 2022. This series was initially started as part of Women’s History Month but Victoria fell in love with the series and decided to continue it. The second series that she will be launching soon falls back on the finance background that Victoria has. This series will provide something of value as she is rolling out a series about helping people build a fashion brand on a budget since the fashion business is an expensive one.

Her first collection, FINERY from WITHIN, is out now and these pieces help to celebrate the bold but classic woman.

To learn more about Victoria and Uniquely Victoria, you can check out her website here or her YouTube channel here.


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