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Three Ways to Show Love to Yourself these valentines Day

Updated: Jun 22

Each year on the 14th of February, we celebrate those we love, gifting them with candy hearts and hugs. We search for ways to show appreciation and affection, buying gifts and booking reservations at expensive restaurants. But when do we take the time to show love and gratitude to ourselves? Whether or not you have a date this Valentine's Day, make yourself a priority. Spend this heartfelt holiday expressing your unconditional love and compassion for the person who looks back at you in the mirror daily.

One way you can show love to yourself this Valentine's Day is by taking yourself out on a date. How often do we go out on our own, let alone treat ourselves to a fancy dinner? It may sound strange, but taking the time to sit down with ourselves and enjoy a good meal can be an act of self-care. While we often go on dates to benefit our romantic relationships, our relationships with ourselves tend to fall to the wayside until we are drowning, and no connection can be found. Going on a date with yourself forces you to spend quality time with yourself outside of the demands and judgments of others.

Participating in activities like treating yourself to a dinner date has been found to have positive effects, like improving your sense of self and boosting self-confidence. Strengthening your inner bond can even enhance your relationships with others! As our relationship with ourselves begins to bloom, we can nourish our relationships with others by finding new ways to show our love and appreciation for them.

Along with taking yourself on a date, you can show yourself love and appreciation this holiday by writing a love letter to yourself! The idea of writing yourself a love letter may seem egocentric, but when we are constantly plagued by self-doubt and the unrealistic expectations that society creates, we can develop warped perceptions of ourselves and forget that we matter too. It is important to recognize your worth and praise yourself for your accomplishments, and writing a personal letter is a great way to do this!

When you sit down to write yourself a love letter, take time to identify the things you love about yourself, these things should be deeper than the size of your waist or the color of your eyes. Focus on who you are and recognize your value beneath the skin. Write your love letter however you please; it can be fancy or informal; you can even write it in bullet form if you like. All that matters is that the words are sincere. Tell yourself what you long to hear from others, praise your accomplishments, and, most importantly, show yourself the love and appreciation you deserve.

After you have taken yourself on a date and written a heartfelt letter:

  1. Wind down your day with a glass of chardonnay (if you are of age) and a hot bubble bath or a relaxing shower if that's what you prefer.

  2. Spend the evening practicing self-care, taking time to take care of yourself.

  3. Light your favorite candle, watch that guilty pleasure show, and have a bite of German chocolate cake without fretting about your waste.

It may seem like an indulgence, but self-care is essential. You can't keep forcing yourself to run on steam; you must take care of yourself to succeed. So, set time aside to relax and be at ease.

You can also use this time to participate in activities you enjoy but typically stop yourself from pursuing due to time constraints and other priorities. Today the priority is you! So, pick up that paintbrush, put together that puzzle you have been dying to finish for ages or read 1,000 pages. Use this time however you choose, but make this Valentine's Day about you.

Chyann Klahs is a recent graduate with dual bachelor's degree in Communication and Journalism. She has a passion for writing articles and poetry that leaves a lasting impact. Her goal is to educate and empower others through her writing and promote change!

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