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Terrika Foster-Brasby’s Unique Journey to WNBA Sideline Reporter

By Tadi Abedje

Terrika Foster-Brasby Explains Her Unconventional Road to Sports Reporting

The Connecticut Sun started off their first two games of the WNBA 2022 season 1-1, including an impressive win for their home opener, defeating the Los Angeles Sparks by 17. Coincidently, it happened to be the first game for Terrika Foster-Brasby as a sideline reporter for the team. She would describe her first game as “fulfilling” as it remarked the long road to get to where she is now.

“I definitely felt like I had finally got to the place that I have been trying to get to for quite a while so that felt good. There was a little bit of pressure at first for the reasons that I just mentioned. When you are really trying to pursue getting to a place and it’s public that you’re trying to pursue getting to a place,” Foster-Brasby said. “I felt really good about the first game. I felt really good about my performance. All in all, I think it was a great experience.”

Her journey to becoming a sports reporter was an unconventional one. She received her Bachelor's degree in Political Science/Pre-Law from Saint Augustine's University and a Masters in New Media Journalism from Full Sail University. Originally, Foster-Brasby thought she would become a defense attorney and eventually become the first Black senator in Michigan. But, she still had an affinity for sports.

“I didn’t even realize that it was abnormal for a girl to love sports as much as I did. That was just always something that I wanted to do and sports was always a hobby, just something on the side,” said the Michigan native. “As I got older and I started realizing that you could actually make a career doing this and that there were opportunities for doing this to turn a hobby into something that I could actually make an everyday part of my life. That’s when I decided to pursue my Masters degree in journalism. So that was very helpful.”

Foster-Brasby began her sports writing career at La Dulce Locura, which was her friend’s online magazine. It was the first time she got an opportunity to make a name for herself as a writer as she also wrote opinion pieces. That experience led her to Yahoo Sports where she was a part of their contributor network writing about college basketball and her favorite NFL team, the Indianapolis Colts. It helped her hone in on focusing on what it was like to be a beat writer.

During graduate school, Foster-Brasby created her own website called ‘She Knows Sports Web’, where she created everything including articles, took pictures of the games, and learned how to get credentials.

“I was learning how to navigate what it meant to be a member of the media, what it meant to share your work, learn to read metrics like all of those things were things that I kinda in a way self taught to do and that isn’t always easy,” said Foster-Brasby.

You can check out her journalism work at and follow her on Twitter and Instagram @SheKnowsSports.


Tadi Abedje is an experienced multimedia journalist. You can check out his work at and follow him on Twitter and Instagram @realTadiAbedje.


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