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Stacey Pierre excels in her career as a lawyer by focusing on business law and trademark IP law

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

Pierre: "At SVP Law Firm, we are dedicated to providing legal solutions for your creative problems."

Stacey Pierre excels in a career as a lawyer by focusing on business law, business legislation, and trademark IP law. The Brooklyn native, now currently living in Miami, Florida owns her own law firm.

Prior to her college days, she attended PS 114, John Wilson, IS 211, and Canarsie Educational Campus (formerly known as Canarsie High School) where she graduated in 2009. She recently went back there for a give-back event that featured one of her clients giving out sweatsuits to the high school football team. For Pierre, it was a full-circle moment to graduate as a student and return as a lawyer.

Pierre began her career by attending John Jay College of Criminal Justice, a CUNY school located near Columbus Circle in New York, NY. But it wasn't until she moved to Florida for law school that she started learning the various practice areas of law. “Your internship experiences are where you understand and learn about a particular area of law and if that is the particular area of law you want to practice,” says Pierre when discussing Law School.

She has held internships where she became a CLI, and worked in State Attorney and Federal Government offices. Throughout her journey in the criminal justice field, Pierre faced many challenges juggling being a business owner and pursuing her legal career. Pierre believed that part of the reason for not passing the bar on her first try was due to trying to study and run a successful business at the same time called Pristine Posh Management.

As more black entrepreneurs emerge, Pierre’s law firm focuses on providing legal solutions for creative problems. Attorney Pierre takes pride in not only providing legal services to creatives but also highlighting their success. Throughout her law firm, she highlights many individual business owners that concentrate on fitness, food, health, beauty, skincare, and media production.

Pierre understands that black creatives especially are extremely talented but lack the resources and knowledge in knowing how to protect their ideas. SVP Law Firm is dedicated to providing free legal tips and information regarding brand protection and ownership. Pierre expresses her frustration of seeing talented creative ideas get stolen by large corporations or influencers with a bigger following. Pierre’s ultimate goal is to ensure every talented creative that she crosses paths with is legally protected. “Welcome to the school of business and brand ownership” she jokingly states when discussing why she provides so much free information on social media. Pierre states that she truly wants to build a community of followers that will trust the information that she is providing.

What most of her friends and acquaintances don't know is that outside of her running her own law firm, Pierre is in the process of starting a scholarship program. Her inspiration for this goal came from being a first-generation college graduate and law school graduate. Like many minorities, Pierre had to work and study at the same time, which made it a little more difficult to excel in school and especially to take months off to study for an exam. Currently, there are only 2% of black women working as a lawyer and by working towards a scholarship program, Pierre hopes to raise the bar for many minorities looking to enter the legal profession by providing scholarships for the LSAT and Bar Exam.

If you want to see the work that Stacey Pierre does for her Law Firm, Here is her business Instagram

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