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Shauntay Hallett, Bronx Elementary School Teacher, Writer, and Founder of Short n Sweet Blog

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

Hallett: “I just want to build positive images in her community, black-owned business, and mainstream artist."

Here is the full interview with Shauntay Hallett for Planted Not Buried Below:

Creator Shauntay Hallett is seeking investors for her blog Short n Sweet

Hallett is the founder of Short n Sweet, and a teacher from Bronx, New York. She is known by many as Coach Tay and is known for her strong passion for media, networking, and teaching.

The Bronx native has been in the field of education for more than eight years. She spends her days teaching students various subjects such as math, reading, and writing. Her interest in education began after studying African, African American, Diaspora Studies, and Sociology at Wheaton College (MA).

She also received a Master’s degree in Childhood Education from Relay Graduate School of Education. While pursuing a career in education, Hallett began diving deeper into her love for dance through an internship with AileyCamp.

AileyCamp is a program within the Alvin Ailey Arts In Education and Community Programs. Hallett obtained this internship after speaking to the Deans of Wheaton College. During this internship, Hallett had the opportunity to teach dancers within the program. Her favorite part of interning with AileyCamp was watching each student grow as a dancer and individual.

She explains that this experience changed her life and helped her to grow as a teacher,

"Just seeing the growth that these young children have for six weeks, my mind was blown away at how much those children were able to get in their mind, work with instructors, and have self-care classes. It changed my life and I still talk to a lot of people from the Ailey foundation," said Hallett.

After completing her internship with AileyCamp, Hallett would continue with her career in entertainment, becoming a radio host for an online digital radio station, hosting a show known as Hip Hop Point of View, While hosting this show she interviewed many Hip-Hop artists such as DJ Enuff, Styles P, Rockwilder, Lea Robinson, and Vina Love.

Hallett currently covers music and entertainment events for her blog Short n Sweet, which comprises a collection of pictures, interviews, and quotes that highlight her lifestyle, and the brands that she supports.

“I just want to build positive images in her community, black-owned business, and mainstream artist," said Hallett. She added, "I love writing, Short n Sweet was built on that idea of making positive images within our community and I'm just going to continue for it from in on out.

Here are some notable events she covers for Short-n-Sweet on her Instagram, "@shortnsweetent," which features the United Masters host Select Con 004 with Special Headliner Issa Rae, WNBA Finals watch party, among other book releases, TV shows, and music showcases.

Hallett explains that the purpose of Short n Sweet is to counteract the negativity that is often fostered in our society. She believes that her platform can be used to promote positivity and alter the negative narratives that fill the media.

"We are in a society that promotes a lot of negative images,” said Hallett. She added, "I really want to switch the narrative to make sure that we are promoting and seeing those positive things, seeing the great things of the proud accomplishments, the accolades that drive people to move forward."

To view Hallett's blog which showcases her journalistic work visit

Hallets LinkedIn can as be accessed by visiting LinkedIn

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