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Shane Nebbia: Planted, not Buried's Featured Gardener and Author of "They Call Me Brave"

There’s no way around it— childhood cancer is a serious issue. However, it is author and advocate Shane Nebbia’s mission to make the topic more digestible for others to understand.

Shane, our featured gardener, illustrates the challenges children endure when faced with cancer. The inspiration for her children's book "They Call Me Brave," came from her niece Ava, whose fight with childhood cancer began at 9 months old. The very personalized story was originally a gift made just for Ava. After researching and receiving significant feedback from medical professionals, Shane saw the potential impact of adapting and sharing the story for more children to see. After all, as stated on, an estimated 400,000 children around the world develop cancer each year.

Although harsh, the reality is that far too many children face cancer. “They Call Me Brave,” is especially helpful towards aiding other children’s understanding of this reality. One detail Shane references in particular is the explanation of why Ava may have a full head of hair one day, but none the next.

It is clear that both Shane and Ava have an inspiring effect on others. We all can admire Shane’s dedication to this cause and Ava’s perseverance.

Please consider purchasing a copy of this story, whether for yourself or to donate in the effort of spreading awareness. Click here to purchase the book on Amazon. Be sure to also visit Shane's website,, where you can bulk-order books and learn more.

Don’t forget to watch our full conversation where we dive more into Shane’s insights, the reality of childhood cancer, and even advice for those watching who may be interested in publishing a book or pursuing a similar project of their own.


Jacqueline DeLorenzo is a business graduate from Rowan University, where she double-majored in marketing and entrepreneurship, and has a special interest in non-profit work. Feel free to connect with her at .


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