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Pretty Heel's Danielle reflects on bringing the wrestling community together via events.

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

Danielle: "I love the industry, storylines, creativity, and how it has evolved nowadays to incorporate real-life stories into real-life situations."

There have been plenty of wrestling events across America put together for the fans, by the fans. One notable wrestling event planning organization for fans to check out is Pretty Heels, by Danielle.

Danielle got into watching wrestling through her late uncle at five years old. She attended wrestling events at major venues like Madison Square Garden during a time when they were more affordable. Danielle would watch WWF Superstars after early morning cartoons during her youth. She loved everything about the wrestling business. “I love the industry, storylines, creativity, and how it has evolved nowadays to incorporate real-life stories into real-life situations,” says Danielle.

Her purpose for Pretty Heels is to bring people together that share the same common interest in wrestling. People that attend the event get familiar with each other before attending some of the best WWE, AEW, and other wrestling promotions in the country. It was a great way for her to create a network for people to make connections in the industry. Pretty Heels is part of many wrestling groups to create cross-promoting and partner with other organizations, podcasts, and media outlets.

Other notable types of events created by Pretty Heels include Black Wrestle Fest, Pay-Per-View Viewing Parties, and Wrestling Weekend celebrations, which is a collaboration with a wrestling podcast called ‘The Jobber Tears.’ “I like to call it an intentional, unique, diverse, and inclusive convention to celebrate wrestling fandom,” Danielle says, "when discussing the Black Wrestle Fest we add in the pop culture that already exists.” Danielle created the festival by incorporating music, video games, photography, and cosplay under one roof, or in this case convention.

Danelle at a Wrestling Event in New Orleans

She works with two other business partners she met while attending wrestling pay-per-views. In the process of creating Pretty Heels, she created friendships with her business partners Ebony and Ashlee.

Danielle and her business partners manage a lot of prices to make it affordable for people that attend the events, which are chosen based on the wrestling show and its location. Some notable events include wrestling meet-ups, where fans come together prior to attending WWE "Big 4" (WrestleMania, Summerslam, Survivor Series, and Royal Rumble) and AEW pay-per-views, and Chris Jericho's first cruise, where people gather in a boat cruise to travel from Miami to the Bahamas.

With her Pretty Heels event business, Danielle is continuing her passion for wrestling and changing the wrestling industry for generations to come.

You can check out what Pretty Heels events are planning on her social media below:



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