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Planted, not Buried Summer Event Lineup

It’s an exciting summer here at Planted, not Buried! This summer we have several interesting panels and conferences that everyone can enjoy. And the best part, they are all free!! These events are great ways to network and connect with others and broaden our horizons, all while supporting each other! Each of these events will be held virtually to allow the opportunity for everyone to join in.

Some of these awesome events that we have planned include:

Young Professionals Panel will be held July 6th at 8 pm EST. This event is a professional development opportunity for you to learn skills and gain advice to help land your future job, grow your career, or network with successful, inspirational individuals.

The inaugural Planted, not Buried Conference will be held on July 23rd at 1 pm EST. Join in on this event for opportunities to network, learn, and collaborate with other professionals. This event will also include a job fair, breakout rooms, small business owners, and professionals seeking opportunities to grow

Media & Journalism Panel will be held the week of August 8th, the second week of the month, the official date and time is TBD!. This event will be a way for you to learn from successful professionals in the industry about working in media and journalism.

Woman in Sports Panel will be held the week of August 24th but the official date and time is TB!. Come join in to hear stories and learn from successful women working in the sports industry.

You can register for all events on clicking on the specific event you are interested in and RSVP to it!

We hope to see you there!


Planted, not Buried is a non-profit organization that focuses on empowering, educating, and inspiring others through outreach, events, networking, and opportunities. Learn more at,, or follow us on all social media at @PlantedNB

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