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Oasis House for Healing and Restoration Helps Abuse Survivors Along their paths to Healing

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Oasis House for Healing and Restoration is a non-profit organization located in Summit County Ohio. The organization’s mission is to help women who are survivors of domestic violence by providing them with a safe space, financial support, and programs that help them heal from the inside out.

Oasis House for Healing and Restoration was founded in 2022 by Danielle Wright who was inspired to develop the organization after her own experiences with domestic violence. She created the organization with the hope of helping other women who have experienced abuse heal from what they have experienced and become renewed, recharged, and redeployed.

“Our mission is to assist victims of intimate partner violence along their path to healing. We have the mindset to renew, recharge and redeploy. So we're going to renew you, your spirit, your mind, your body, and your soul. All of the things that are often destroyed during an abusive relationship and then find ways to recharge you to make you feel brand new…to help you see yourself beyond what happened to you. Then we help you redeploy by giving you the tools and the resources that you need to venture back out into society again safely and confidently, ” said Wright.

Oasis House for Healing and Restoration helps survivors of domestic violence through the many programs that they offer. Wright explains that these programs are important because they help survivors detach themselves from the abuse and regain their sense of self, allowing them to recognize their worth.

“When you're a survivor, a lot of times you look at yourself through the lens of what your abuser has done to you and abusers are manipulative and crafty people. So, you have to understand that you are not your abuse, you are not ugly or unwanted, and you are beautiful and intelligent. (we want to) help you see yourself beyond what happened to you,” said Wright.

One of the many programs that Oasis House for Healing and Restoration offers to help survivors see themselves beyond the abuse is grief sharing. This program helps abuse survivors heal from disenfranchised grief that is hidden because it is not recognized or accepted by society. Participating in grief sharing helps these women cope with what they have lost as a result of the abusive relationship and mourn the end of the relationship itself.

Wright explains that abuse survivors are expected to be happy and thriving once they leave the abusive relationship. However, these women are mourning the loss of what they thought was love and the life that they once knew. They have lost their dignity and sense of self, and they may have also lost family and friends as a result of ending the relationship. The practice of grief sharing allows survivors to recognize their grief and share their feelings in a safe space.

Wright explains that once survivors begin to heal from their experiences and loss they are able to reenter society as a renewed individual. To help these women gain a sense of safety and confidence, Oasis House for Healing and Restoration is working to create Healing Bags. These bags will contain safety kits with tools like pepper spray for protection, and other tools like pens and a journal to help with continued healing. To be able to create these Healing Bags, Oasis House for Healing and Restoration is looking for sponsors and people who are willing to donate to the cause. Along with sending donations, people can also help Oasis House for Healing and Restoration by volunteering to help these women on their paths to healing.

Resources like Oasis House for Healing and Restoration are available If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, there is help, there is a way out. The National Domestic Violence Hotline is available 24/7 and can be reached at 800-799-7233.


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