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Make a Difference This Christmas by Helping Those in Need

Christmas is a season full of hope and cheer, but with poverty on the rise in recent years, many people face financial and emotional hardships this holiday. Give back to those in need this Christmas by volunteering to help others within your community. There is no better way to celebrate than spreading love and giving to those in need this Christmas. Three ways you can give back during the holidays include, sponsoring a family for Christmas, donating winter attire and blankets, and sending a Christmas card to a member of the military.

One way you can make a difference this holiday season is by sponsoring a family in need and giving them the gift of Christmas. Christmas can be a difficult time for many families, and the pandemic has only added to the stress and financial strain that families face. Sponsoring a family for Christmas gives them the opportunity to enjoy the holiday, receiving heartfelt gifts that they would not have been able to afford on their own.

If you are interested in sponsoring a family this Christmas contact your local Salvation Army or an organization in your area like Catholic Charities to be paired with a family in need. Once you have been paired with a family by your organization of choice, you will be provided with information like age and gender to help you find gifts for each family member. The gifts given to these families do not have to be expensive items, all they need is a little something to show them that people care.

Some presents to consider gifting these families are necessities like clothing and shoes, but can also include gifts like toys and games.

Programs like these are especially impactful on young children who look forward to Christmas all year long, but their families can’t afford to put any gifts underneath the tree. These children are often left feeling like they did something wrong and don't deserve gifts on Christmas like all the other good boys and girls. Sponsor a family in need this holiday and gift the joy of Christmas to a child while helping a family in need.

Along with sponsoring a family another way you can help those in need this Christmas is by donating hats, scarves, mittens, and blankets for them to wear throughout the bitter-cold winter months. Many families that face financial struggles can only afford the bare necessities, and often things like gloves and hats don’t make it on the long list of things needed to survive. Give these families the gift of warmth and comfort this season by donating winter attire and cozy blankets. If you have a knack for knitting you can even make these things on your own instead of purchasing them from the store. Handmade gifts are heartfelt. Knowing the time and effort you took to create a garment or blanket will make the recipient feel special and cared for.

A third way to give back and spread joy this holiday is by sending a Christmas card to an active military member. Soldiers often become depressed during the Christmas season, being oceans away from their loved ones. It may not seem like much, but a thoughtful card that gives thanks and spreads love can feel like a warm hug. These cards can make all the difference for soldiers during the holidays and should be filled with positive and uplifting words that can include quotes, Bible verses, and messages of gratitude.

These cards can be sent through organizations like Operation We Are Here that will make their way to an active duty soldier for Christmas. Operation We Are Here is dedicated to supporting the military community in any way that they can, and are always looking for volunteers to help them fulfill this mission. Through this organization, you can also gift soldiers with care packages, Christmas ornaments, coloring pages, and much more.

Sponsoring a family in need, donating things like hats and mittens, and sending a Christmas card to an active millitary member are just a few ways you can make a difference this Christmas. Some other activities you can do include but are not limited to, volunteering at a homeless shelter, donating to charity, and paying it forward at the drive-through.

Even the smallest acts of kindness can make the world a better and brighter place. Use the Christmas season as an opportunity to give to others within the community.


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