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Locker Room Sports Networking Event

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

The next FREE virtual networking event is July 1st at noon PT/ 3ET

All future events will be accessed from inside the Locker Room Sports Community platform. Sign up free and set up your profile today! Join now

Give/Ask day this Friday (6/24) 12PT/3ET

We will have a free bonus event this Friday! It will be an informal meetup and small group session I like to call give/ask. It's an opportunity for everyone to ask for something specific that you need help with. Our community and collective sports world network extends far beyond those who regularly attend events so let us know how we can help! All of the requests will be posted in a thread in the community and those who can’t join us live can still engage in the conversation, ask for some help, and offer help to others! Register here

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