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Learn more about The V.L. Foundation

The V.L. Foundation was created by Vonora Natisha Lewis. Lewis lost both of her parents when she was 9 and was blessed enough to be raised by her god-parents. However, she still felt a void and realized it was due to the lack of services for this specific need, for individuals much like herself. She believes that the loss and abandonment of someone that you love leaves a hole in one’s heart that is everlasting. This void can then turn into trauma which in turn impacts someone’s mental health. Lewis looked at these issues and decided that she wanted to make a change, to help these individuals and impact their lives in a helpful way. The foundation was then created to provide an outlet for you who have experienced the mental trauma of losing a loved one in some capacity.

The foundation is dedicated to developing and supporting mental health initiatives that improve outcomes in both families and the communities where adolescents have experienced death and/or the absence of a loved one. These circumstances can happen anywhere, at any time. The goal of the foundation is to reduce the stigmas that surround asking for help and to provide a safe place for adolescents to be mentally healthy. The V.L. Foundation focuses on making a maximum positive effort for the community by working on mental health for adolescents who have experienced loss due to the death or abandonment of a loved one. The team at The V.L. Foundation is committed to helping others as they take their convictions and turn them into action.

The V.L. Foundation offers college prep, workforce prep, and counseling to any individuals that may need it. They also offer three scholarships to high school seniors who will be attending college.

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