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Invictus Academy of Richmond is hiring a full time Humanities teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area

Job description:

As a teacher at Invictus, you set the tone for academic rigor, collaboration and an orientation toward student outcomes. You have an unwavering belief in our students’ capabilities, and as a result, you do whatever it takes to support their growth.

You create joyful, rigorous classroom cultures where students understand the importance of the content they are learning, and how it connects to their everyday lives and ambitions. You work to ensure that in every lesson, the heavy lifting is done by your students.

You build trusting, authentic relationships with students, families, and colleagues. With these relationships as your foundation, you work closely with your teammates to support students in meeting the highest academic and behavior expectations. You are eager to learn about and implement restorative approaches to support students to be their best selves.

You embody humility and are excited to strengthen your knowledge, skills, and practice. You crave feedback and welcome opportunities to grow through observations, coaching meetings, and professional development.

You are fiercely solutions-oriented. You never shy away from a problem we must solve to achieve our mission, but always bring potential solutions to the table. You are an exceptional teammate, and align your work to help your teammates serve students and families effectively.


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