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Ignite 2x Inc. is hiring Content Marketing Interns in Allentown, PA

Job description:

The Content Marketing Intern will collaborate with the broader Content Marketing team to deliver timely written pieces and social media curation, as well as contribute to the team as needs arise.

In this position, the Content Marketing Intern will write 2-3 blog pieces a month to support the client's needs. These pieces will include topics of the Intern's choice, as well as assigned topics. These will be researched-based blogs and listicles.

The Intern will also be responsible for the approval of User Generated Content on Pixlee. This task will require the Intern to use a set of guidelines to approve or deny UGC for the client's content needs.

The Intern will also assist with the identification and onboarding of artist ambassadors through social media engagement - as well as acting on behalf of the brand to engage with, like, and communicate with the client's followers.

Our ideal candidate has strong creative and professional writing skills, and contributes to brainstorming with the Social Media Manager to create social initiatives that grow the assigned communities.


-Completed, or pursing, a Bachelor’s in Communications or Professional Writing

-Outstanding written and verbal communication skills

-Excellent organizational skills with the ability to handle and prioritize multiple projects

-Able to work independently

-Strong attention to detail

-Must be familiar with the business applications of social media platforms, including; Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pixlee, Instagram and more

-Self-starter. Must ask questions and learn new skills quickly on the job

Driven, team player motivated to take responsibility and ensure successful outcomes across activities.

-Must be proficient in Microsoft Office, including: Word, Powerpoint, Outlook, Excel

-Availability to work in-office two days a week


Planted, not Buried is a non-profit organization that focuses on empowering, educating, and inspiring others through outreach, events, networking, and opportunities. Learn more at, , or follow us on all social media at @PlantedNB

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