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HerTrueSelf Helps Young Girls Build Confidence

Today, the confidence of young girls is stifled by social media filled with photos of seemingly flawless women. HerTruSelf is a company that strives to help young girls gain confidence, by showing them that the beauty standards set by the media and society do not define their worth.

HerTruSelf was founded by 14-year-old Daijelle who developed the company with the support of her mother. Daijelle became inspired to create HerTruSelf after seeing how social media and societal standers affected her peer's perceptions of themselves. Through her brand Daijelle hopes to empower young girls, helping them develop a sense of self-confidence.

Through HerTruSelf's Website Daijelle explains, “together with my loving mom, I created the brand to inspire young girls to get the confidence, self-esteem, and validation they need from no one but themselves. Not from the superficial standards flooding social media.”

Through her brand, Daijelle hopes to inspire and empower other young girls with products that she originally began creating to boost her own self-confidence. She began writing and reciting affirmations to help her gain a sense of self-worth and acceptance. Similar affirmation cards are now being sold on HerTruSelf's website, along with Journals, self-confidence workbooks, apparel, and Motivational Boxes.

HerTruSelf’s Motivational Boxes are filled with tools to help young girls begin to love and accept themselves. Each box contains a HerTruSelf branded tee-shirt, a self-talk journal that encourages a positive mindset and self-love, Daily emotional flaps to help build emotional intelligence and resilience, a negative emotion pouch to stave away negative thoughts, ten affirmation cards, a pen, and instructions on how to use the tools within the box.

HerTrueSelf’s Motivational Boxes have been created by Daijelle to help other young girls who struggle with negative self-perceptions as she once did. These boxes allow young girls to start building a positive mindset and begin to see their self-worth. These Motivational boxes also help young girls develop emotional intelligence and combat social anxieties fostered by the media and expectations of others.

For more information about HerTrueSelf and its confidence-building tools visit


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