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DJO Threads Corp. is hiring a Personal Assistant To Chief Executive Officer in Beverly Hills, CA

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Job responsibilities:

  • Analyze and work to deeply understand the founders’ goals, and protect their time accordingly.

  • Manage an active calendar, coordinate internal and external meetings, prepare agendas, take notes, and track follow-up action items.

  • Communicate directly, on behalf of the CEO and executive team, with external and internal stakeholders.

  • Prioritize conflicting requests and needs and handle matters proactively, swiftly, and to completion while meeting deadlines.

  • Manage the coordination and logistics of recruiting searches.

  • Assist the CEO with ad hoc projects as needed, including the coordination of team activities.

  • Arrange complex and detailed domestic and international travel plans and itineraries.

  • You will also coordinate agendas and compile documents for travel-related meetings, and be proactive in understanding if there are any pre/post-travel and pre/post-meeting requirements that need to be done.

  • Stay in the loop.

  • Provide operational support for the CEO's initiatives

  • You will be the difference between new ideas and projects being realized, or put off.

  • Work with the CEO and others inside and outside of the company to make sure important moves are made.

  • Of course you will also do normal stuff that a PA does for the Founders personal life and home.

Skills and qualifications:

  • Ownership: The goal for this role is to do whatever it takes to keep our founder laser-focused on company growth by removing and unblocking any distractions. As such, this role involves heavy collaboration with the founder but also requires an ownership mindset.

  • EXTREME attention to detail: You’re extremely organized, with a knack for noticing and remembering details. Being proactive: Identify things that need to be done and resolve them without being told to.

  • Being a fast learner with an action-oriented mindset to unblock any challenge that comes up.

  • Passionate and hungry: willing to hustle, and do whatever it takes to get tasks done.

  • End-to-end ownership: You’re able to initiate complex, high-level, multi-phase tasks and see them through to completion with minimal assistance.

  • You have strong verbal and written communication skills.

  • You’ve provided administrative and logistical support for startup founders, leadership or executives.

  • You’re enthusiastic and eager to help wherever you can.

  • You’re an expert with Gmail, Google calendar, Google tools, spreadsheets, MS Office.

  • You’re fluent with the internet and internet culture, able to research anything effectively online. You’re also a daily user of mobile software & apps.


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