Demand Spring is hiring a remote full-time Technology Consultant

Job description:

As a Senior Marketing Technology Consultant, you are responsible for making our clients’ MarTech stacks sing. As you are aware, MarTech is foundational to driving the type of engagement, lead management, and analytics that enables marketing to be strategic and a key contributor to pipeline and revenue.

Working closely with our clients, partners, and our strategy and content consultants, you are the sensei that enables our clients to transform their stack and deliver wow moments to their marketing executives.

As a Senior Revenue Marketing Consultant, you have expertise in translating growth and revenue priorities into healthy sales pipelines using B2B marketing strategies. You are fluent in all aspects of B2B pipeline development and demand generation.


-Client-oriented, creatively identifying areas of opportunity to drive value back to their business

-Transformative, problem-solver with innovative ideas.

-Self-driven and passionate about performing at the highest level.

-Original with fresh, innovative thinking.

-You are a problem solver who brings fresh, original thinking to client problems.

-You have a glass half-full approach. You are unfazed by issues, persevering to find answers.

-You like people. They like you. You work well together.

-You speak well – articulating your ideas, insights, and solutions clearly to our customers.

-You like technology and you are in the know with the latest MarTech innovations. Especially Marketing Technology. You are a Marketo Certified Expert with at least three years experience implementing and managing the platform and executing programs. Knowing other MA platforms would also be a really nice thing.

-You have plenty of experience orchestrating technology implementations.

-You have a university degree, college diploma, or equivalent work experience.

-You are organized, with an ability to manage multiple project elements at once.

-You have a thirst for life in general, with personal passions – we like well-rounded people!

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