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Check Out the Chicago Film XLerator Program

The Chicago Film XLerator, a Creative Cypher Project is a content lab intended to discover new BIPOC talent and increase creative pipelines in the entertainment industry. Comprised of executive mentors from major companies including Bron Studios, Netflix, BET, HBOMax, Univision, and more, The Chicago Film XLerator has built an extensive list of qualified executives, producers, and actors. Founder Troy Pryor is an advocate for connecting undiscovered diverse talent to mainstream media platforms through his entertainment brands Creative Cypher and Pryor Holdings.

Since its inception, the organization has garnered the attention of executives in the film and TV industry including Teri Avisure (SVP of Social Impact & Sustainability Univision), Lamorne Morris (Actor and Producer “Woke”) Barry Brewer (Actor and Producer), Brenda Gilbert (Co-Founder & President of Bron Studios), Darian Gibson (Executive Director and SAG Indie), Tiffany Williams (EVP of Development BET), Jaleel White (Actor and Producer) James Ward (Multicultural Publicity Executive at Netflix), Whitney McGowan (HBOMax, Marketing), Dometi Pongo (Host, Producer MTV) and more!

On Thursday, January 19th, 2022, the organization announced its third cycle winner, Kimberly Michelle Vaughn, and her project Hindsight. As the winner of the Chicago Film XLerator program, she will receive a $50k prize value to go towards her project and the opportunity to partner with executives from major entities to help produce and streamline the film. Funding partners include Chicago Filmmakers, BTEC, Camera Ambassador and Periscope Post and Audio. The Chicago Film XLerator prize package also includes placement in Chicago’s Filmmakers Showcase, Black Harvest Film Festival Passes, a 1-year membership to Chicago's Screenwriters Network, Monthly customized care packages provided by Lusters, Niche on Demand: Fundraising and Marketing consultations, 50% off equipment rental from Camera Ambassador, and more. Now entering a new cycle, The Chicago Film XLerator program is currently scaling to 6 additional cities including Atlanta, Milwaukee, Miami, London, Puerto Rico, and LA.

Be sure to email us with more details about any exciting news and updates at!

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