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Check-in on Uniquely Victoria's new updates!

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

It has been an exciting summer for one of our Planted, not Buried partners, Victoria Lee of Uniquely Victoria.

Victoria has been hard at work this summer to grow both her brand and her business. All of this hard work is paying off and she is getting well-deserved recognition for her efforts.

Victoria has been able to get product photos of her most recent fashion line into three different fashion magazines. These magazines are GMARO Magazine, Marika Magazine, and Malvie Magazine. She has also been invited to have an article featured in an LA magazine about entrepreneurship. Victoria has also been fortunate enough to land an influencer to rep her brand on social media! This allows Victoria the

opportunity for Uniquely Victoria to be seen by more individuals.

Victoria has also recently started Uniquely Victoria Media. The purpose of this new addition is to uplift emerging talented creative designers and artists, trying to expose the hidden gems of the world. Victoria has been conducting interviews with different fashion designers over the past few months and posting them to her YouTube channel. Besides these video interviews, she has also been including written articles on these interviewees. Victoria has been submitting these articles about these individuals to fashion or entertainment magazines, a service that Victoria is now offering. She also plans to include writing articles on different events going on or aspects of community involvement.


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