Activision is looking for a Global Communications Manager

Job Description:

This role is a part-time contract position with the possibility to grow into a full time position as the team is re-engineering the content management strategy and practices around the Warcraft and Hearthstone franchises and is focused on building out team capabilities and expertise.

This role will report directly to the digital marketing manager and work in tandem with the digital marketing team, the content operations team, agencies, and other key contributors such as audience development manager and content producers. Daily tasks of the ​Media Channel Manager​ will include setting the upload schedules for our YouTube & Twitch channels for all franchise content (game promotion, esports and other), handling video uploads, maintaining channel management best-practices, and configuring individual video pieces. This role, as part of the larger digital marketing and content team, will contribute directly to the overall channel health and engagement growth our franchises.


• Direct experience with running successful YouTube and Twitch channels or other, similar community-driven online video portals

• Experience with brand-managing for an organization

• Able to work on multiple workstreams

• Clear and professional written & verbal communication skills

• Collaborative and enjoys working with diverse teams and disciplines

• Able to track maintain and track/deliver work against calendars and workflow timelines

• Familiarity with Blizzard franchise title and audiences, especially Warcraft titles and Hearthstone

• Have an understanding of the current global digital landscape outside of YouTube & Twitch, including relevant online locations for popular video sharing sites and popular social networks

• Understanding of the production process of television / video would be useful

• Can demonstrate having successfully grown an online community (channel or channels) in terms of both subscriber numbers and video views / engagement


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