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Planted, not Buried is focused on building meaningful connections and resources for small businesses and clients. We are creating a database of businesses to promote and share with our audience. See below for the benefits of being a featured business.

  • Your business and information will be added to our online directory

  • Cross Promotion - 5 Social media posts introducing you and sharing your business with our audience

  • Expectation that you will also share our posts

  • Invitation to be a part of our virtual events as a panelist

  • Connections with other businesses and professionals to increase your audience and reach

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Would you like to Nominated a Featured Gardener?

Planted, not Buried is focused on promoting individuals that are doing exceptional work in their community. We want to highlight those that are selflessly impacting and helping others. Keeping up with the theme of being planted, these are people that like gardeners are investing in growing something beyond themselves. They are supporting and pouring into others in their growth. Fill out the form below for the chance for them to be featured on our website and social media!


Support Small Businesses 


Founded in December 2020, Planted, Not Buried, is an organization created to empower, educate, and inspire others through outreach, book, gear, event, and networking. We work to help athletes, young professionals, students, business owners, and everyone collaborate to work towards their winning season!

Planted, not Buried partners with several business owners to provide a database of support, guidance, and opportunities for everyone!