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Welcome to The Watering Can!

At Planted, not Buried, we strive to be able to provide easily accessible information. The Watering Can is our help center, providing you with the needed information to keep growing. This page offers some guidance and advice on frequently asked questions. 

Planted, not Buried FAQ

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Below you will find answers to commonly asked questions about Planted, not Buried!


What is Planted, not Buried?

Planted, not Buried is a non-profit organization that focuses on educating, inspiring, and empowering people through networking, events, outreach, and articles. Planted, not Buried works to help young professionals, business owners, and athletes to learn that the best is yet to come. It creates access and opportunities for people of all backgrounds to come together, learn, and succeed.


Why the name “Planted, not Buried”?

Coined after a popularly used sermon and message of faith, Planted not Buried embodies the idea that we are all working through our own challenges. Like a planted seed in the ground, we are blossoming into something far greater than even know. So at this tough time where things feel “dark”, know that you have not been rejected or denied of your goals. Instead, you are being redirected towards something even better. Be patient, have faith, and continue learning and growing each day. Most importantly, at PNB we embrace this season of growth together.


So what does this mean? 
We provide information, expertise, networking, events, and more at Planted, not Buried. We're here to assist you in learning more by providing you with a supportive village of other like-minded, ambitious professionals of all ages and backgrounds.


Planted, not Buried is here to inspire everyone and show them that we are all a work in progress. We will assist you in figuring out what to do next and how to become a better version of yourself.


Why should I partner with Planted, not Buried?

Planted, not Buried is not like any other organization. We believe it takes a village and is working to create that safe, supportive environment for everyone. We are focused on creating connections with ambitious, like-minded professionals to collaborate, learn, and grow together. We aim to build meaningful connections, resources, and opportunities to promote everyone whether you are a business owner or just a professional.


We are looking to provide access to a variety of tools, resources, and people to help guide us through challenging times.


How can I collaborate with Planted, not Buried?

  • There are many easy ways to get involved; it can be as easy as sending us an email at, or getting connected with us through our social media! Or you can reach out to us through our website, under ‘Get Involved’-> Partnership Plans. 

  • If you are a business owner or a professional, we offer different capabilities that can be useful.

What are the different capabilities?

Planted, not Buried has a variety of offers. We offer collaborations, and a resource database, we are here to motivate and inform our audience. 

  • You can be added to our Business Directory where you can share about your business with other subscribers of our website. There is an option to attend our events, as well as have Networking opportunities and Professional Development opportunities. You can become a Featured Business on our Website, social media, or monthly Newsletter 

  • We are here to motivate entrepreneurs and professionals, you can join our Slack Group to share and promote your work

  • Additionally, our social media is full of motivational quotes, educational material, and networking opportunities 

  • There is an option to become a volunteer to work with Planted, not Buried 


What are the events?

  • Planted, not Buried provides several chances to learn, grow, participate, and broaden your knowledge on a variety of topics. Each month, there are a variety of events with a range of topics and panelists. You will get the opportunity to meet our panelists and learn more about their personal experiences with a certain topic.

  •  Make sure to check our EVENT page to learn more about upcoming events 


What are the Partnership Plans and why should I sign up for one?

Planted, not Buried provides a variety of opportunities to interact with individuals and companies. Our mission is to develop genuine relationships with our partners and clients while also providing sufficient resources for small businesses and clients. Our objective is to build a database of companies so that we can promote them to our audience.


Different types of collaboration that we offer include Free Plans, ‘Karis’, and ‘Denzel’.

  1. Free Plans: cross-promotion, your business will be added to our online directory, and includes an invite to our Small Business Fair. 

  2. Karis: cross-promotion, your business will be added to our online directory, an invitation to our Small Business Fair, you can attend our events as a panelist, includes one post on our social media introducing and highlighting your business.

  3. Denzel: your business will be added to our online directory, an invitation to speak at our Small Business Fair, an invitation to speak as a panelist on our virtual events, video and images promotion for your business, your business will be selected as “featured business” on our website and social media for 30 days, 5 social media posts introducing and highlighting your business, include connections with other businesses and professionals to increase your audience.

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