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Elia Meltzer
Founder of Chartam LLC
CARES Advisor


Elia Meltzer is a mental health patient who struggled to communicate with her doctors about her symptoms and the severity of her condition. Born and raised in Ohio, she struggled with mental illnesses throughout her middle and high school years.

Now as a healthy adult, Elia is paying it forward to current patients. Through the use of her experiences, Elia designed and developed planners that help a user turn their symptoms and daily activities into visual data, allowing the user to better communicate with their doctors. With funding from her alma mater, the University of Akron, and the sharks in the 2022 Stark Tank Challenge, she gathered funds to turn her vision into reality.

If you or someone you care about struggles with mental health, consider Elia’s story. Breaking down the communication barrier is key to getting effective treatment.

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