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Danielle Wright

CARES Advisor

Public Relations Consultant
Founder of Oasis House for Healing and Restoration 

Danielle Wright is the founder of Wright Public Relations and  Oasis House for Healing and Restoration 

This organization was birthed out of my personal experience and battle to overcome the impact of domestic violence. Never thinking I would experience anything like this, I quickly found myself in the throes of a broken system. In the months following the assault, I knew I had to do something - and that something had to be more than speaking out. I knew I had to do something that would directly address the gaps in the justice and victim care/assistance programs. 

Our mission is to provide women, victims of domestic violence, with financial support, safety planning/housing, and programs that guide them from hurt to healed. We will provide services that renew, recharge, and redeploy women whose lives have been impacted by domestic violence of any kind. We will also advocate for and assist with the creation of policies that protect victims. We are excited to be in a position to help women overcome the devastation of intimate partner/domestic violence and hope you will join hands and hearts with us to be an answer to women's needs.

My hope is that you will be able to donate at least $25 to help us kick off our initial programming.


Here is how your donations help Oasis House:

1) Launch our support group where women will receive a healing box, workbook, and other resources to help them overcome their trauma and find support from other women. The boxes cost about $75 per box for the design, printing, filling it with items, and shipping.


2) Grief Recovery - we will hire a certified Grief Recovery facilitator to offer additional support to victims. The course fees average about $400 per person for facilitator fees and materials.


3) Funding for women to obtain financial freedom: women tend to return to their abusers due to the financial strains of leaving. This includes rent/mortgage payments, car notes, cell phone bills, and utility bills. While many organizations will assist with rent and utilities, we have not found any organizations in Ohio that will assist with helping pay for other services for women to safely remove themselves from the grips of their abuser. This is a very critical step in both safety planning, and the victim being able to gain financial stability.


4) Our last major initiative for our first year is our domestic violence dinner, which we aim to hold during Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October.

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