Meet DèShaun Monique, Life Wellness Coach, and CARES Advisor:  

DèShaun Monique Moon Stafford is the Life Wellness Coach of Moon Wellness. She walks with women as a guide to get them from feeling unfulfilled in life to overflowing with joy, understanding their purpose for their current season and the next. Through one on one and intimate group coaching, she uses a holistic approach along with interventions of positive psychology to bring self-discovery and unlock the greatest potential in her clients.


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DèShaun Monique is a servant leader with certifications in holistic coaching through Radiant Coaches Academy and applied positive psychology through the Flourishing Center. She focuses on the person as a whole - spirit, soul, and body and gets fulfillment from encouraging and supporting her clients with purpose and positivity at every phase. 

Originally from Northern VA, just outside of DC, she now resides in Summerville, SC with her husband and three boys. She has co-authored an anthology with other certified coaches, titled Be Radiant, and has facilitated workshops on gratitude and financial planning. Dèshaun Monique currently hosts a journaling session online called Write It Out! New Moon Session to help other people excel in their goals and practice gratitude. She enjoys traveling, reading/listening to books, and on-screen entertainment and wishes to author a few more books including a children's book and an affirmation guide.