About Planted, not Buried

Planted, not Buried focuses on empowering, inspiring, and educating through outreach, networking and events. PNB is a movement of positivity, growth, and perseverance through volunteer opportunities, books, stationary, apparel, event, and collaboration. We work to create a safe space for people of all backgrounds to learn and collaborate.

We are all a work in progress. It may feel like at times, we have been rejected or denied, but in reality we have been planted. 'No' sometimes really means 'not yet'. Being delayed from an opportunity sometimes feels like you have been denied. Either way for all of us, in those times where we feel stuck or confused, we are still working to grow and achieve our goals.

Founded in December 2020, Planted, not Buried welcomes everyone to get involved as we address areas such as mental health, fitness, health, wellness, sports, training, media, entertainment, music, religion, and more!

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About our Why

Why was Planted, not Buried founded? Founder Renee Washington has always had ambitions to use her platform to help create a voice for the voiceless. She wanted to use the insight that she had as a reporter to help provide resources and opportunities for others. In many interviews and conversations, Renee kept finding that people would come to her with seeking guidance, support, and resources but not sure where to go to get them.


For years, Renee had ideas of ways to create a platform connecting others in person, but it was through the pandemic and all that COVID-19 brought that she realized in person would limit the opportunity. Planted, not Buried was born as a way to connect people around the world and have a larger reach. It was created to provide opportunities, resources, motivation, empowerment, and a safe space for all to be able to connect regardless of background, age, or any thing else. Planted, not Buried is a vision brought into fruition to help make positive change in various communities around the world.


The biggest areas that we focus on are access, resources, and collaboration. Finding what we need in life should not come at a major expense. It should be affordable to be able to connect with the right people, products, and businesses to get the help and guidance that we need in life. Although there are aspects of Planted, not Buried that come at a cost, everybody has a wide variety of free resources at their fingertips.


We hope that through our vision we are able to help you in some way to grow and learn through different challenges people are facing in each season of life. We are all a work in progress. None of us have life figured out so together we can navigate the different chapters and adversity together.


Meet CEO and Founder Renee Washington

Renee Washington is a sports reporter/anchor with ESPN, Fox Sports, and the Philadelphia Union. She hosts a show called "Beyond the Headlines with Renee Washington".Renee also works as a motivational speaker and small business owner.

Renee created this vision of PNB as a way to connect people. Through shared resources, encouragement, guidance, and support Planted, not Buried gives professionals a chance to grow and learn together. 

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