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Planted, not Buried (PnB) strives to empower, inspire, and educate through workshops, classes, events, and more.

Planted, not Buried is a movement of positivity, growth, and  perseverance through volunteer opportunities, events, and collaboration. We work to create a safe space for people of all backgrounds to learn and become a better, well-rounded person. 


At PnB we understand, we are all a work in progress. At certain times in your life, you may have felt stuck or in a dark place, but in reality, you have simply been planted. In a time of change, be encouraged to push forward, heal, and grow to reach your final goals. 

Founded in December 2020, Planted, not Buried welcomes everyone to get involved as we provide programming, resources and services on important topics such as mental and physical health, media, entertainment, music, religion, and more!


Delayed, not Denied

Redirected, not rejected

Bent, not Broken

Planted, not buried

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Sometimes when you find yourself in a dark place you think you've been buried, but you've actually been planted.” 
-Anti-trafficking activist Christine Caine

CARES Programs & Services

Counseling. Advising. Rehab & Restore. Education. Support

All programs and services are with Professional Consultants with degrees and years of experience in their respective industry

Mental Health


Grow your Small Business

Media Coaching

Abuse & Trauma Survivors


On-Air Coaching



Career Services

Social Media Marketing



Job Hunting

Public Relations Plan

Training & Performance

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On the Hunt - Career Services

Check out businesses who are hiring or find out how to get help on finding our next opportunity.

For those who are seeking their next opportunity within their career. 

On-Demand Classes

Pre-recorded courses that you follow asynchronously at your own pace through each lesson.

For all ages and career paths.

Live Classes

Individual or group classes led by professionals working with you through a curriculum of lessons


For all ages and career paths..


One-time, 30 to 60-minute live group panel, networking opportunities, or courses covering a specific topic.

For all ages and career paths.


Learn about our Planted, not Buried hosted events and others across the globe. 

Attend events that are more specialized for your interests.

Read articles and watch videos to learn more about interesting topics.

For all ages and career paths.

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What does it mean to be planted, not buried?

Founder Renee Washington led a Tedx talk discussing the PnB concept navigating the different seasons of our lives. Sometimes we feel like we have failed, been rejected, or been denied opportunities. In reality, we have been planted like a seed in the ground, delayed, and redirected into our purpose. As we navigate through the uncertainty, she discusses steps to help blossom in the midst of adversity.

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Are you looking for help getting a job?

We offer career coaching, resume/CL reviews, networking opportunities, and more career services! Click the link below to get started!

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Are you looking for academic support?

For parents and students, we provide tutoring, classes, workshops, peer reviews, and more! Click the link below to get started!

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