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About Planted, not Buried

Planted, not Buried focuses on empowering, inspiring, and educating through outreach, networking and events. PNB is a movement of positivity, growth, and perseverance through volunteer opportunities, books, merchandise, events, and collaboration. We work to create a safe space for people of all backgrounds to learn and collaborate.

We are all a work in progress. It may feel like at times, we have been rejected or denied, but in reality we have been planted. 'No' sometimes really means 'not yet'. Being delayed from an opportunity sometimes feels like you have been denied. Either way for all of us, in those times where we feel stuck or confused, we are still working to grow and achieve our goals.

Founded in December 2020, Planted, not Buried welcomes everyone to get involved as we address areas such as mental health, fitness, health, wellness, sports, training, media, entertainment, music, religion, and more!

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PNB strives to help business owners connect with clients, get promoted, and grow their reach. If you are aa founder, CEO, or business owner, let us help you through social media promotion, our events, and to be a part of the PNB Directory of Resources.

Regardless your career, age, or level of expertise PNB is helping ALL ambitious professionals worldwide network, learn, and grow together. Share your bio about yourself so we can get you connected to our events, networking opportunities, and more!

Sometimes we just need guidance or to be pointed in the right direction, and that is fine. We are here to help point you in the right direction. Contact us with your question or what has you feeling stuck and we will be sure to help as best we can!

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